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Electric bikes have seen increased popularity over recent years, thanks to their many wonderful benefits. Electric bikes can introduce you to a healthier more active lifestyle, no matter how fit (or unfit) you are. Here at the electric bike shop, we have a range of electric bikes to choose from, but the more choice on offer, the more difficult choosing an electric bike may be, so we decided to take an in depth look at one of our most popular electric bikes the Kuo+.
The Kuo+ Beach
The Kuo+ is an excellent choice for a wide range of lifestyles, and we’re going to show you how it can benefit you. If you’re unsure which bike will be best for your personal lifestyle, we strongly recommend taking a look at the Kuo+.

The Kuo+ Folding Electric Bike

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Perfectly Portable

The Kuo+ is a lightweight folding electric bike. In just two simple and easy steps, The Kuo+ folds to a small, portable and convenient size, making it the perfect choice for an array of lifestyles. Once the Kuo+ is folded it will fit easily into cars and on public transport. The bike can also be wheeled along whilst folded, making it even easier to transport when you’re not riding it.


If flawless style is a prime requirement for you in choosing an electric bike, then the Kuo+ will certainly deliver. The electric bike has a very streamlined look. The cables have been smartly concealed while the placement of the battery pack has been carefully considered within the design, creating an overall clean and neat aesthetic, making it a great choice for anyone with either feminine or masculine taste. The Kuo+ is a modern bicycle that gives an appreciative nod to traditional bicycle design, seen through the upright bicycle seat and step through frame.
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The bike has two built in led lights, on the front, and the back of the bike, and a reflective side wall on the tyres, both features enhance night time visibility and make the bike a safer vehicle. As the Kuo+ is a folding electric bike, each folding point is fitted with a safety clasp, for peace of mind when riding.


A folding electric bike needs to be tough. When in its folded form, the bike needs to be just as strong and durable as it is when on the road. The bike has a built in chain link guard, so when the bike is being carried on and off transport, or folded and put into storage, the chain is protected. When the bike is folded, the bikes main controller is also protected by a surrounding metal box, while the feet on the bottom of this prevent the chain reel from coming into contact with the ground. The rear carrier on the bikes back wheel has also been designed thoughtfully; the cage on the side of the carrier will help to prevent any cargo from getting caught in the wheels spokes.

Shop the Kuo+

Head over to our main site now to take a look at the kuo+. If you would like to book a test ride with a kuo+ then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our ex demo kuo+’s

We also have a range of ex demo kuo+. Our ex demo electric bikes have typically been used for display purposes only, and so are always in excellent working order, almost as good as new, at only a fraction of the original retail price. If you would Like to view our ex demo Kuo+’s please visit our ex demo electric bikes page.
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